Breathing easy with Amiko

As someone who lives with asthma and has taken asthma medication since before I can remember, I'm not sure the people at Amiko are solving a real problem here. Regardless, I'm interested to see where it goes and I wish they supported my inhaler. I've always wondered if I'm holding my inhaler correctly to get the right dosage of medicine. It seems like this could solve that problem. However, I've never found difficult to remember to take my inhaler. 

As always, I'm glad to see technology unobtrusively integrated into our lives to make them slightly better. Although some of the recent onslaught of this type of product feels a little awkward. I'm ready for the day when this type of tech is just integrated in to the inhaler itself—no add-on needed.

Technology for the masses like this also brings up a bigger issue. Notice that you have the option to purchase an Amiko Hub if you don't have a smartphone to sync the tracker with. Imagine how untenable our homes will get if we have a different hub for each "smart" device we own. We still have a long way to go before the infrastructure of our world is ready to accommodate an all-encompassing smart environment.