On my new mark

I've been wanting to create a mark for myself for quite a while now. I've been using Helvetica Neue Bold to typeset my name for the last few years and was getting bored with the simplicity. I wanted something that was still simple and flexible but has a little more personality and meaning.

For inspiration, I looked to baseball. I love baseball for both the game and its aesthetic. I especially admire the visuals of early 20th Century. When I started exploring what my mark could be, I stumbled into the old logos of the early 1900's Negro League teams. These were great teams that get little to no attention in baseball history.

Then I came across the Chicago American Giants. Their logo originally drew my attention because they use my initials (a nice coincidence). As I looked around for more ideas, I kept coming back to the CAG mark. It was too much of a coincidence for me to pass up. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I decided to adapt and clean up their old mark.

The 1911 Chicago American Giants

The 1911 Chicago American Giants

There are several variations of the CAG logo. Some are better than others.

As I started, I wanted to amplify the good (the nice way the A and G overlap, the general balance of the mark) and do away with the bad (odd centering, chunky serifs, inconsistent line weight). My bias for geometry reared its head and I worked to even off the line weights, balance the form and slab the serifs. I also found a way to incorporate my middle initial (M) by modifying the crossbar into a 'v'. I'm pretty happy with the adaptation and the flexibility it offers. I have a soft spot for flexible marks (e.g. the city of Melbourne, MIT Media Lab). I'm looking forward to exploring new options with the mark. For now, I'll mostly still stick to my preferred color palette of #00ADEF, #444, and #999 but want to add something in the yellow-gold family to accent.

So, there go. All three initials. Baseball. Geometry. Flexibility. Done.