...by 2025

Pew has been putting out some great reports on the future of digital life and IoT. There is definitely a scary side to the IoT. I can only imagine the reactions to statements like this:

Every part of our life will be quantifiable, and eternal, and we will answer to the community for our decisions. For example, skipping the gym will have your gym shoes auto tweet (equivalent) to the peer-to-peer health insurance network that will decide to degrade your premiums
— Laurel Papworth

We need to find ways to tell better stories about how the IoT. Especially because most of the interactions happen machine-to-machine, people only need to have a concept of how their life can be impacted. 

The biggest thing for me out of this report is that computers will disappear in the near future. I can't wait for this. That is the most exciting thing as UI designer. The "user interface" will come to mean the "visible world" not just the screen. One funny thing about wearable computers:

...wearable computing that is visible could be seen as “uncool” by 2025

Have wearable computers ever been cool? Ever seen someone wearing Glass? They're not cool. Find the full report here.