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Using iBeacons to take attendance

While looking around for easier ways to take attendance in my classes, I found this. I wish schools were able to With questions of economics and ethics of that requirement aside, we could do some amazing things in the physical classroom with that tech.

In addition to simply taking attendance...

The BeHere app also has a few other interesting features for the classroom environment. From within the app, students can tap a button to request help from a teacher. The teacher is then presented with an ordered queue of students waiting for assistance.

30 Weeks [of free work for Google]

I'm a big believer in realistic academic settings. That's a big part of my research agenda. This new "school" seems like an idea-farm for Google posed as a something that will benefit students. They say the students will keep 100% of their intellectual property but I'm not sure I would trust Google with my idea. Regardless, what happens when the student's app fails, as most do? Then you're just out $10,000 and don't have a real education.

There's an interesting push right now for alternative education options for designers (e.g. Center Centre). I'm interested to see how it shakes out. I agree that that the US higher education system is not the most ideal for designers. I also think that there is a huge benefit to designers learning about non-design subjects as part of their education (you know...philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, rhetoric...that stuff). Interesting time for design education. I'm glad to see people trying new approaches but I can't imagine that 30 Weeks is the solution.

Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools

It's great that there are finally new options for web design software. None of these will ever take off if they don't give them to students for free. We don't have time to go down a rabbit hole by testing all these apps. I hope there's a clear winner in the bunch. From Brian Wood:

These responsive design tools are probably here to stay in some form or other. Ever since mobile devices came on the scene, we’ve been trying to configure our workflows to accommodate responsive designs. These tools could potentially bridge that divide when used either as a starting point for front-end design or simply for wireframing and prototyping.