Recommended Reading List

Many students ask me what books they should read. Below, you can find several books that I would recommend for any designer (and especially a new UI/UX/Visual Designer).

This is not an inclusive list. More will come as I discover/think of them.

Web Design and Code

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
(Puckett, 2011)

Responsive Web Design
(Marcotte, 2014)

CSS3 For Web Designers
(Cederholm, 2015)

Mobile First
(Wroblewski, 2011)

On Web Typography
(Santa Maria, 2014)

Visual Communication Design and Typography

Universal Principles of Design 
(Lidwell, et al., 2010)

Thinking with Type 
(Lupton, 2010)

Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual 
(Samara, 2014)

Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop 
(Samara, 2005)

Elements of Typographic Styles
(Bringhurst, 2013)

Full disclosure: some links are Amazon Affiliate Links