Spring 2014

Designing People Centered
Experiences II

Course Overview

This course is the second in a two-part capstone series. The first course can be found here.

This course asks senior VCD students to reflect upon and utilize the sum of their acquired skills in a final, experience design thesis project. Each student will work with real people to identify a problem and craft a solution using the principles of either Interaction Design (IXD) or Service Design. The content, process, and focus of the projects will be determined by each student. The output of this course will facilitate a series of evaluation and presentation venues at the end of the semester. 


Aaron Ganci and Youngbok Hong


Herron School of Art and Design



Course Number

HER-V 422; R-411

Credits + Contact

6 Credits / MWF 12:00-2:30pm

Student Work

Project: Interaction + Interface

Learning Objectives

 Upon completion of this course, students will be equipped to... 

  • Detect a context area that is both urgent and personal. 
  • Combine methods together to develop a unique and appropriate research plan. 
  • Understand the relationship of “Experience”, “Interaction” and “Interface.” 
  • Define the scope of a problem space from a macro- to micro- perspective. 
  • Identify areas of opportunity that result in impactful design solutions. 
  • Utilize the principles and practices of the Interaction Design or Service Design profession to construct a solution. 
  • Test design solutions with actual users. 
  • Develop a polished, branded product with relevant artifacts in order to pitch your design solution. 
  • Translate a complex, messy research and design process into a succinct narrative. 
  • Analyze and discuss how past educational experiences have accumulated and informed design work.

Course Documents

Course Syllabus

Student project posters

Your Life. Your Story
Service Experience Focus
Students: Sarah Herbert, Kaitlyn Robison, Jenny Sturgis

OnTrack (ADHD Support)
Service Experience Focus
Student: Holly Kanning

Crate and Barrel: Unboxed
Interaction Focus
Student: Stephanie Peddie

Indy Reads: Connections through literacy
Interaction Focus
Student: Lauren Schommer