Fall 2014

Designing People Centered Experiences I

Course Overview

This course is a combination of two Herron courses: Design for Interaction: Object and Place I (Ganci) and Designing people-centered Service Experiences (Hong). 

To be successful in today's experience design practice, you must simultaneously approach problems from a broad, system level and a micro, tangible level and produce strategic design solutions. This work frequently involves the integration of many interconnected deliverables.

Ultimately, this course aims to develop a foundational understanding of Service-experience design, interaction design, interface design, and their overlap or uniqueness. In doing this, you will be enabled to execute your concentrated capstone project in Spring 2015.


Youngbok Hong and Aaron Ganci


Herron School of Art and Design



Course Number

HER-V 421; R-411

Credits + Contact

3 Credits / MW 12:00-2:30pm

Student Work

Project: Interaction + Interface

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