Spring 2015

Thesis Studio + Writing II

Course Overview

This is the second of two courses that compose a year long experience of initiating and conducting a specified design research process in order to frame, refine, and engage a researchable question through a specified design project.

Work focuses on integration and application of skills for research, problem framing and process management during a specified design research project.

The cross-disciplinary research activities are directed to leverage knowledge, resources and perspectives across the entire university and public communities. All investigations occur within a territory that advances the role of design thinking in business innovation, organizational leadership, public policy, social advocacy and direct democracy.


Herron School of Art and Design


Graduate (MFA)

Course Number

HER-V 692 + 693

Credits + Contact

12 Credits (6+6) / ARR

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Course Documents

Thesis Studio II Course Syllabus

Thesis Writing II Course Syllabus

Graduate Handbook + Thesis Guidelines (coming soon)