Fall 2017

VC3: Identifying Problems

Course Overview

VC3 will prepare you to implement design methods and facilitate solutions to unframed problems in our society and culture. Along the way you will investigate the world of innovation and creativity.

You will practice methods to isolate problems and quickly iterate solutions for them (in the form of visual designs, ideas, or otherwise). To do this, you will undertake a series of "design challenges" and an expansive and multifaceted project. The Challenges are meant to give you a space to practice and learn fundamental skills that you can build upon in the big project. There is also an overarching theme to the content of this course: using design for civic or social good. As modern designers, we have a responsibility to leverage design processes and visual language in productive ways.


Aaron Ganci


Herron School of Art and Design



Course Number

HER-V 310

Credits + Contact

3 Credits / MWF 3:00–5:30pm

Student Work

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