The Forest And Its Trees: Understanding Interaction Design Through Service Design Activities

Presentation from IxDA's Education Summit / Helsinki, Finland
29 February 2016


Interaction design and service design have a lot in common. They both focus on improving the experience of people in real-world contexts and they depend on each other to design a complete experience. After all, a service experience is often a sequence of interactions that a person has with artifacts or other people. Interaction designers can learn a lot about their craft by studying the process and methods of service design. After all, what happens before and after a person uses a website can impact the overall quality of their experience just as much, if not more, than specific interface design elements or the physical quality of animations on screen. In this presentation, Aaron Ganci provides an in-depth case study on the curricular use of service design processes and methods to help interaction design students understand their own work. Details about the course structure, assignments and outcomes, and insights on the use of this methodology will all be discussed.


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