HER L210 Spring 2014

Problem solving apps with landing pages

Below are several examples of iPhone apps that address problems in everyday life. Think about the types of activities these apps solve problems for. They all have landing pages as well. Look at them for examples of how to implement your landing page.

Plates by Splitwise


The quickest, easiest way to split the check at a restaurant. Add items and drag them right on to people's plates, and watch the totals update in real time. Figuring out who owes what has never been so simple and so fun.




ASAP54 is a revolutionary new way to discover and shop fashion online, it combines a social fashion community with the latest visual search technology, to instantly connect you with that must-have item that you are hunting for. 

You can personalise your own social feed by following other ASAPERS so you can see what friends and style muses are searching and discovering in real time. ASAP54 allows you to make unlimited searches and then explore, discover, shop, like and comment. 

If you still can’t find that object of your desire, the app also offers a unique team of in-house stylists, that at the tap of a button, will report back to you with a further five lust-worthy suggestions from high-end to high-street, all within 24 hours.




Find your next home with Lovely & pay rent in one tap! 

Search the largest marketplace of available home rentals, and land your new home in just a few taps.

  • Know exactly what rentals are available and where -- numbers on the map show how many rentals are in each part of town (across the US); we update inventory in real time so you never miss out
  • Easily identify the freshest rentals -- colored dots indicate how long rentals have been on the market
  • Be first to learn about a new rental -- set alerts and get notified as soon as fresh rentals hit the market




Zippy is the simplest and quickest way to manage tasks and reminders. It provides you with Insights on your habits to help you get better at managing and completing tasks.

  • Become Better - Get Insights on how and when you do create & complete tasks.
  • Fast and Simple - Add tasks and reminders quickly in a beautiful and intuitive way.
  • Easy Organization - Quickly add one or more tags to your tasks with a single tap.
  • Organize according to your needs - Create as many new tags and sort your tasks by tags.
  • Prioritize - View tasks by when they need to get done.





Right now is a great time to quit smoking. Why? In as little as 20 minutes you'll start to feel the benefits of not smoking.
Curious how long nicotine stays in your body? Want to find out how many tobacco-free days it will take for your body to recuperate and no longer be at risk of the dangers of smoking?
With the app SmokeFree you will take the first step towards a healthier life. SmokeFree will show you how much money you have saved and how much tar and how many cigarettes you have avoided and what regenerative steps your body has made since you quit smoking.