IxD Midterm Presentation Information

During the week of 23-27 February, we will have midterm presentations. Each of you will have 20 minutes to present and receive feedback/advice about your project. Below are some of my expectations for your presentation.

  • Your presentation and participation will be graded. The grade will factor into the Capstone project grading category (10%).
  • Attendance and participation is mandatory. We will have sign-in on these days and I expect you to actively discuss and critique each others’ work. Absences will result in significant grade reductions.

There are some things everyone needs to address in their presentation. It may help to think about describing your new "product" by using the following framework. As the audience of your presentation, we will be evaluating its success based on how well these questions are answered.

Who cares? Why is it needed?
An executive summary of the context, problem space, and hypothesis.

What does it do? 
What is your concept for a new solution?

How is it different?
Sufficient evidence that you will create something unique (or innovative)? Show examples of competitors.

How are you designing it?
Your early prototyping process and output. I expect to see concepts externalized in some form. Refer back to the prototyping presentation to determine how you need to start prototyping.

Specific details of your research/action plan for the next two weeks (after the presentation).