Designing Digital Experiences

Getting started with user experience, user interface, and interaction design

UCDA Workshop / 05 November 2016 / Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

This workshop is a one-time, full day workshop that covers the basics of designing people-centered websites and software today. We will discuss the processes, outcomes, and tools designers are using to create digital experiences will be discussed to provide a succinct picture of the industry today. Hands-on activities will teach you how to get started on a digital design, reveal how and why you might involve users in your process, enable you to practice, or teach, industry-relevant prototyping methods, and highlight the key differences in designing within print and digital environments.


My suggested reading list, organized by category can be found here:
Aaron Ganci's Reading List

There are a few key books I would recommend if you are looking to dig deeper on the workshop's content.

Cooper, et. al., About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design (Amazon)

Saffer, Designing for Interaction (Amazon)

Hanington and Martin, Universal Methods of Design (Amazon)

General Resources

UI Design

Obviousness always wins

Design for Accessibility

Color Accessibility Checker

Examples of style guides (systematizing the design)

Atomic Design (systems design)

The Web Designer’s Checklist (preparing for production)

Typography for the Web (Adaptation of Bringhurst)

Ideas for “Good UI” Design