Fall 2018

VC5: Methods for Innovation

Course Overview

This course will prepare students to successfully utilize design as a catalyst for innovation and change. Along the way, they investigate the world of People-Centered Design, Innovation, Creativity, Design Thinking, Design Process, Design Research, Research Facilitation and Design Research Methods.

In this class, students first gain an understanding of people-centered design and design research. Through practical application, you will gain practice conducting a range of methods for design research, both inside and outside of the studio. They use design research methods to sort through and tackle complex conditions— where you must identify and define those unstated needs for design—possibly utilizing design that goes outside the classic concerns of traditional visual communication design.


Aaron Ganci and Steven Williams


Herron School of Art and Design



Course Number

HER-V 410

Credits + Contact

3 Credits / MW 8:30-11:00am

Student Work

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Assignment Sheets

Exercise: Design, Research, and Innovation

Process and Methods

Augmenting Reality (Coming soon)

Capstone Exploration (Coming soon)

Slide Decks

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