Advanced Visual Design for the Web: Special Topics

Session: Summer 2015 (meeting times are flexible and will be established based on availability of enrolled students; could involve hybrid or online components) 


This course provides an investigation of visual design principles and practices for digital user interfaces. It is suited for upper-level VCD undergrads or grad students in tangental fields (e.g. HCI, CSE, Journalism, etc) who have prior exposure to the web platform. 

From this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to plan and execute the visual layer of web product. Topics include the elements of visual design as they apply to UI design, web typography, visual prototyping methods, designing with advanced CSS, uses for animation, and the impact that visual design has on a broader digital experience.

Course activities will be based around the creation of a “History of Medicine” website. This site is a collaboration between IUPUI’s History Department the School of Medicine. We will publish a real site at the end of the course.

Sound Interesting? Let me know if you want to be involved in this course or be kept in the loop when more details are available.

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